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Learn about the Story of Tango Music

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biagi Crisp and clean, Biagi pares Tango down to pure rhythm
calo Smooth and melodic, Calo's "Orchestra of the Stars" produced some great artists
canaro Whether experimental or traditional, Canaro's style is irrepressibly cheerful
d'agostino The dry white wine of Tango – crisp, clean and elegant
d'arienzo The foot-tapping revolutionary who brought the dancers back to the dance floor
de angelis Fabulous valses and swirling violins characterise this unmistakeable style
de caro De Caro brought classical sensibilities and training to Tango before Piazzolla was born…
demare The master of melody
di sarli Smooth and elegant, Di Sarli's orchestra is iconic
donato Happy dance rhythms
federico One of Calo's stars, Federico's style is energetic and uplifting
firpo A key revolutionary of the early years of Tango recordings, by the 1930s Firpo was producing reliable, upbeat dance music
francini-pontier Pushing the boundaries of dance music in the late 1940s and early 1950s
fresedo The Tango artist of choice amongst the Buenos Aires elite, Fresedo's orchestra of the 1930s and 1940s is the most suave in the history of Tango
gardel The most successful singer ever in the history of Tango – this is not dance music!
gobbi The Romantic Violin of Tango – an under appreciated artist
laurenz A great bandoneon player with an innovative sound
lomuto One of the great dance standbys
maderna Another of Calo's stars, his piano style is hugely influential
piazzolla Like everyone else, in the 1940s Piazzolla played dance music
pugliese His passionate rhythms get the dance floor moving like no one else
rodriguez Great, foot-tapping music
salgan A unique voice pushing the limits of dance music
sexteto canyengue
sexteto mayor Generally considered the best Tango band working today
tanturi A really reliable orchestra of the Golden Age
troilo Perhaps the most popular Tango orchestra ever
varela Following in the footsteps of D'Arienzo, Varela gives dancers what they want

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