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Hector Varela was first bandoneón in D'Arienzo's orchestra throughout the 1940s. While the influence of D'Arienzo is certainly strong in the sound of his own orchestra, Varela gave it an individual edge, adding a little more richness, but keeping the clear rhythm.

Patio Porteño
These are some of Varela's first recordings, made from 1950 to 1954, and show both the influence of his old boss, D'Arienzo, and a desire to experiment with the newer style of the 1950s. Vocals Armando Laborde (5) and Rodolfo Lesica (5).

Un Bailongo (M Laborde y Lesica), Noches De Cabaret (Laborde), Anoche A Las Dos (Laborde), Tierra Negra, Suipacha, El Africano, La Carreta (Laborde y Lesica), El Flete, Canaro En Paris, Tal Para Cual (Lesica), A La Gran Muneca, La Chacarera, Mi Dolor, Murio El Malevo (Lesica), Patio Porteno (V Laborde y Lesica), El Espiante

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orchestras : varela

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