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orchestras : francini-pontier

Violinist Enrique Francini and bandoneonista Armando Pontier were two of the stars in La Orquesta de Las Estrellas, as Caló's orchestra was known in the early 1940s, (although they had also played together before). They left in 1945 to found their own orchestra, with which they explored new directions for the Tango. They separated in 1955, and each continued with their own projects, although they played together again for one last tour of Japan in 1973.

A Los Amigos
This cd recorded between 1946 and 1950, has Francini and Pontier moving away from dance music and towards the concert platform. The vocals are by Julio Sosa (3), Alberto Podestá (3), Raúl Berón (3) and Roberto Rufino (3) - as starry a collection of singers as one could hope to find. The title track, A Los Amigos, is probably Pontier's greatest composition.

A Los Amigos, Arrabal, Pichuco, Lloro Como Una Mujer (Sosa), El Ciruja (Sosa), Delirio, Margo (Podesta), Alma De Bohemio (Podesta), El Apache Argentino, Dejame (Rufino), Los Despojos (Rufino), Boedo, Y Dicen Que No Te Quiero (Beron), Como Tu (Beron), Le Beba, Dicen Que Dicen (Sosa), A Zarate, Que Me Van A Hablar De Amor (Podesta), La Que Nunca Tuvo Novio (Rufino), La Yumba, Remolino (Beron)

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orchestras : francini-pontier

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