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Roberto Firpo had probably the most successful orchestra of the late 1910s and early 1920s. It was his integration of his own piano into his orquesta típica which defined the form of the standard tango orchestra. His orchestra made the first ever recording of the most famous tango of all time, La Cumparsita, in 1916, and he pioneered the use of sound effects. After a short break from the Tango, in which he pursued his business interests, he came back in the 1930s with a quartet, recording tangos in the style which had first made him famous

De La Guardia Vieja
These recordings, made between 1936 and 1947, are Firpo's quartet, playing in the style of the Guardia Vieja, the Old Guard; that is, the tango orchestras playing before the Decarean revolution of the late 1920s - or at least the more modern interpretation of that style, which sounds rather different from recordings actually made in that period. The recording quality is modern, making these some of the most attractive recordings in the style.

El Esquinazo, El Lloron, Felicia, Desde El Alma (V), La Payanca, Ataniche, El Choclo, Noche Calurosa (V), La Cumparsita, Hotel Victoria, Rodriguez Pena, Olga (V), Sabado Ingles, El Entrerriano, Champagne Tango, El Aeroplano (V), En Internado, Lagrimas, La Morocha, Germaine

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orchestras : firpo

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