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The Story of Tango Music
Tango Music has as long and fascinating a history as Jazz. In her new CD ROM Christine Denniston, author of The Meaning of Tango, explains the evolution of Tango Music.

The story begins in Buenos Aires in the Nineteenth Century, when a variety of powerful cultures collided in what had once been a backwater of the old Spanish Empire. Within a few years of the first sound recordings being made in Argentina, the Tango had developed into something new and unique that by 1913 would take the whole world by storm.

Christine takes us through the whole story, illustrating every twist and turn with complete recordings by the most important artists in Tango history. She begins with some of the earliest Tango recordings, and shows clearly how Tango was transformed by new forces, such as the influence of Italian culture and the arrival of the bandoneón, into one of the world's great musical genres.

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The Meaning of Tango
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