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orchestras : sexteto mayor

Sexteto Mayor
Sexteto Mayor is one of the most important contemporary orchestras, having been the original orchestra for the hit show Tango Argentino.

From Argentina to the World - Sexteto Mayor
Classic recordings by the most successful Tango band performing today.

Orlando Goni, Mal De Amores, Contrabajeando, El Firulete, Taconeando, Halcon Negro, La Casita De Mis Viejos, Verano Porteno, Un Placer (V), Canaro En Paris, Tema Otonal, Orgullo Criollo, Kicho, Taquito Militar, La Cachila, Tecleando, Nostalgias, Inverno Porteno, La Flor De La Canela (V), La Cumparsita

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orchestras : sexteto mayor

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