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orchestras : fresedo

Osvaldo Fresedo had a long and highly successful career. In his teens he played his bandoneón with Canaro and Firpo, and in 1920 he went to the States to record with the Orquesta Típica Select. (Many orchestras had to travel in order to get good recording facilities in the early years.) He started his own orchestra in 1922. Always at the cutting edge of Tango, he was an influence on both Julio De Caro and Carlos Di Sarli, and often experimented with unusual instruments, including the harp, the vibraphone and percussion. The style is very elegant and melodic, though in the 1950s and 1960s the experimentation led it to become lush, and perhaps slightly over-ripe.

Tangos de Salon
Fresedo's style in the 1930s was light and elegant, with almost a feeling of the foxtrot about it. This cd has vocals by Roberto Ray (20), whose light tenor suits the style perfectly.

Vida Mia, Niebla Del Riachelo, Aromas, Pampero, Sollozos, Siempre Es Carnaval, Volver, No Quiero Verte Llorar, Yo No Se Llorar, Isla De Capri, Como Aquella Princesa, Angustia, Media Vuelta, En La Huella Del Dolor, Cordobesita, Recuerdos De Bohemia, Te Juro Madre Mia, Canto De Amor, Dulce Amargura, El Mareo

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orchestras : fresedo

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