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orchestras : sexteto canyengue
Sexteto Canyengue represent the new generation of Tango musicians. Musical Director Carel Kraayenhof worked with Piazzolla and Pugliese. With Leo Vervelde, co-founder of Sexteto Canyengue, he created the Tango School at the Rotterdam Conservatory, under the artistic direction of first Osvaldo Puglese, now Gustavo Beytelmann. Their work proves that Tango can become truly international without ever losing touch with its roots, and demonstrates the hope of a vibrant future for Tango music.

Tango Maxima
Dutch band Sexteto Canyengue, with a mixture of dance music and concert pieces.

La Yumba, La Viruta, La Punalada (M), Maxima, Decarisimo, Milonga Para Thirza (M campera), El Mangazo (M), La Cumparsita, Payma (V), Milonga del Angel (M campera), A Fuego Lento, Adios Nonino, Bordoneo y 900 (M)

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orchestras : sexteto canyengue

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