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The Meaning of Tango

The Story of the Dance

What did Tango mean to the people who created it?
Why were the people who learned to dance in Buenos Aires during the Golden Age of Tango so wonderful to dance with?
The Meaning of Tango is a fascinating journey through the story of the dance, a story of passion and politics, immigration and romance.

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How Tango was Danced at the Height of Tangomania

Dancing Tango - First Steps
How to dance Tango for maximum pleasure - a beginners' course to download

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Tango Music

Discover The Story of Tango Music

Tango Music is amazingly varied and has a rich and complex history.
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Tango History

How was Tango danced at the height of Tangomania?

Tango was only the third dance in human history to be done in what we now think of as the only possible hold for couple dancing - the man and woman face each other, with the man holding the woman's right hand in his left, and with his right arm around her. Read more about Tango History