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Our philosophy of Tango at is one of maximum pleasure. founder Christine Denniston says,

"For me, dancing Tango has always been a joy. One of the most striking experiences of my first trip to Buenos Aires, many years ago, was seeing the look of joy on the faces of the most experienced dancers there.

"My own quest over the years has been to find the dancers who are the greatest pleasure to dance with, as leaders and as followers, and to try to work out what makes them so special. I began with the desire to make myself a pleasure to dance with. Then I started to use what I had learned to help others do the same - after all, I wanted to dance with them!

"Many different styles of Tango have developed. Like every living thing, Tango is evolving. No two people are quite the same to dance with, and each teacher is a little bit different. In searching for the style that gave both me and others the maximum amount of pleasure, my conclusion was surprisingly simple. The people who gave me the most joy to dance with were those who had been dancing in Buenos Aires before the watershed year of 1955, and those who danced with the same technique."

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Our aim at is to make available to everyone who wants it the style and technique that gives us most joy. We hope you will find everything you are looking for on these pages.

This is how The Daily Telegraph newspaper described Christine's teaching and philosophy in its Health and Wellbeing section.

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