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Learn the Secrets of How to Dance Tango for Maximum Pleasure

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Dancing Tango - Unlocking the Mysteries Dancing Tango - Unlocking the Mysteries is the first volume of a series of interactive CD ROMs and downloads, packed with videos and animations, that reveal the secrets it took Christine Denniston many years of dedicated study to learn. It contains enough steps to keep you dancing all night, but the steps are used as a way of helping you understand the basic rules that make Tango work, and that make you a pleasure to dance with.

“I have helped run the tango group for San Antonio for several years, and despite all the teaching I've done I have never come across your particular insights. Thanks.”          Terry Bauch, San Antonio, Texas

You will find the Dancing Tango series of CD ROMs and electronic books combines the best features of both videos and books. In fact, you will find it better than videos and better than books because:

  • You can see video sequences of all the steps, so you can watch real people doing the movements.
  • You can control animations that show the precise details of how the step is done for maximum pleasure. You can go through as slowly as you chose, and see every movement in more clarity and detail than you could even with slow motion video.
  • You get clear and helpful explanations in the text that help you understand exactly what you need to do give and receive maximum pleasure every time you step onto the dance floor.

“Wow... an excellent resource for improving my/our tango. When are the next volumes due to come out?”          Bilal, Germany

If you have already done a few Tango classes, you will find that Dancing Tango - Unlocking the Mysteries explains the fundamental steps you have already seen, and helps you learn and understand them. It helps you to put them together, so that it stops feeling like you are doing one step and then another, and starts feeling like you are really dancing.

If you have never danced Tango before then Dancing Tango - Unlocking the Mysteries will take you right from the very beginning. If you are learning with a partner you will both be able to understand how each step works, how your movements fit with your partner's movements, and how to fit the step into your dancing. Animated feet will guide you through, step by step, while video clips will show you the feet of real dancers, so you can really get a feel for what you are doing.

If you are learning alone then Dancing Tango - Unlocking the Mysteries will prepare you for the first time you go to a class, the first time you step onto the dance floor. From the moment you begin to dance you will know what you are trying to achieve, and you will be confident that things will quickly fall into place and that your progress will be rapid from the first moment you take another Tango dancer in your arms.

“I thoroughly enjoyed your CD ROM Dancing Tango - Unlocking the Mysteries. I thought it was very helpful and clear... attractive and inspiring”          Karim, Manchester, England

“wonderful... helped me a lot”          Peter, Budapest, Hungary

And most of all, you will know that you have the secrets of maximum pleasure - how to give maximum pleasure to your partner, and how to get maximum pleasure yourself.

To get the very best from your new life as a Tango dancer, order Dancing Tango - Unlocking the Mysteries now. Download it to your computer, and within minutes you could be starting your journey into the secret heart of the Tango. Or give the CD ROM as a gift to someone special, and discover together the most intimate dance the world has ever known. Dancing Tango - Unlocking the Mysteries is just £19.99 to download or £24.99 on CD ROM.

We are so sure that Dancing Tango - Unlocking the Mysteries is the best beginners' guide to dancing Tango available anywhere that we would like to offer you this guarantee. Don't decide now if it's right for you. Take 30 days to put it to the test. If you decide after 30 days that you don't want to keep Dancing Tango - Unlocking the Mysteries we'll give you your money back, no questions asked, so it costs you nothing.

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Read more about Christine's philosophy of Tango.
Read our Tango FAQ to answer your questions about learning to dance.

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Dancing Tango - Unlocking the Mysteries
How to Dance Tango for Maximum Pleasure - a beginners' course
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This book is so packed full of value, that a huge amount of information has been crammed into its 5 Mb. If you don't already have it, you will also need to download ebookPro Viewer, at 1.5 Mb. All the instructions will be in the e-mail you receive within minutes of your order being processed.

Price:  £19.99

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